Vocaloid : Kagamine Twins [Story]

Just to avoid wrong assumptions about the twins, first of all, it's not twincest lol,
second of all, they are not really blood-related..
here's the proof

Their family name was chosen by combining Kagami (鏡 ,Mirror), Ne (音 ,Sound), with the first syllables of their given names a pun on "Left" and "Right". They are not actually brother and sister, but are reflections of a mirror

Source [Wikipedia]

Watch the video accordingly.
Kagamine Twins story with English subs.

Kagamine Rin - Aku no Musume [Daughter of Evil]

Kagamine Len - Aku no Meshitsukai [Servant of Evil]

Kagamine Rin, Len - Message of Regret

Kagamine Rin - Kokoro

Kagamine Len - Kokoro Kiseki

Kagamine Rin, Len - Kokoro-Kiseki [mixed]

Vocaloid: Kagamine Twins

Just wanna share some of my favourite Vocaloid characters

Kagamine Rin,Len, Hatsune Miku - Kienai Hitomi

My Comment:

Kienai Hitomi or in english, Unerasable Eyes.
I don't quite getting this song though, it's too random o__o
first there's russia, then theres Putin, and Ronald McD, lolz..
but anyway, It would be better without knowing the meanings, besides, the song is indeed beautiful and cute at the same time, and this has become my top favourite of Kagamine Twins after Kokoro and Servant of Evil.

Awesome randomness is awesome. owh Ronald McD is there, *whispers* boikotto desu~

Kagamine Rin,Len, Hatsune Miku - Kienai Hitomi.mp3

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