I'm back bloggy

Wuah it's been awhile I haven't blogging cuz I got busy lately so I could only post once or twice a week ^^" ...not really busy actually, I was just too lazy and ran out of ideas to post =.= ...so sorry lol
I am satisfied with the new layout and all thanks goes to my dear friend Eichi-sama for designing this Vocaloid-layout for me :3 ....sankyu naa~! x3

Since I'm back and started a new blog I would like to make an introduction of myself

Moshimoshi, I am Reddy or Rusty and always seen in GempakStarz Forum[Gforum] I appreciate if you do join the forum also ^^ cuz I lurk there a lot...

Who am I?

-I'm just an ordinary blogger and my objective here is random so it's hard to tell.
-I'm 17 years old this year and will be sitting for SPM examination,the end of my youth-hood.
-I am a girl or boy? just try to guess it yourselves, you got 100marks if you get it wrong.
-I may be a double-faced person,have split-personalities,my mood changes every time and even I don't know who I am anymore =.=" ...so knowing my true self is just a waste of your time, just think of me as a normal person with various attitudes.

ok nevermind, here some About Me that has been summarized:
- I am a cold person, too cold for hot people to handle. *touches,PSSSSTT--smokes everywhere
- a cat person
- a winter-person [we don't have snow here but rainy day makes my day brighter]
- simple minded? eh I don't know,but my mind is opened and ready to accept anything good.
- Vulnerable when I see cute stuff, that include animals and humans lawl
- Sensitive,
Physically: touch a tiny drop of a rain will make me fall sick..
Mentally: easily touched, easily hurt and easily cried..

alrighty , that's all about me for now, I tend to forget things easily though :P